Lady Diana the princess of Wales


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I would firstly like to thank everyone in their participation in my first major post on Conspiracy Theories in the Picture Penzance forums you all made it a very active subject and lots of interesting facts/theories and thoughts were presented for everyone to see.

This topic is very sensitive still to this day and I would like to make it clear that I understand many people within the Picture Penzance community have great respect for Princess Diana myself included and many would wish not to get involved in such a discussion I also wish to make clear that this is a discussion about theories and should NOT be mistaken as a factual presentation, so please all those who participate within this topic respect the thoughts of others when replying on this sensitive discussion.
I'll just like to add these famous heart warming words from Sir Elton John to capture my thoughts on this event, "Your candle's burned out long before your legend ever will" these are powerful words and reflect Diana in so many memorable ways.

Before I proceed on with this next discussion I would like to make it very clear of my own personal thoughts on this tragic but unclear event. I personally remember Lady Diana as a highly respected member of the Royal family, one who's face is unforgettable even to this day I also remember the day I watched the news which presented her death in Paris, I can not say the same about any other major event thats happened during the last 13 years.

I am an active conspiracy theorist who likes to look into some events a little more deeply than others and as with 9/11 Lady Diana's Death raises some question marks in my mind so here are my thoughts and findings on this event.

The official story is that Lady Diana and Dodi Al Fayed had both died in a horrific car crash in a Paris underground tunnel just after midnight on the 31st August 1997 after leaving an event at the Paris Ritz Hotel. The car was being driven at high speeds (est 122Mph) by Henri Paul to evade the aggression and per-suite of world press (the paparazzi), both Henri Paul & Dodi Al Fayed were pronounced dead at the scene by French ambulance services but Lady Diana was alive and taken to Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, but shortly after arrival she died of a cardiac arrest. The only survivor was Al Fayed's personal bodyguard.
This is the official account of the events of that fateful night in August of 1997 but I hope to shed some light on facts which can not be ignored and have been, A lot of people still believe to this day the events of this night where commissioned by the British Royal Family and Central Intelligence Services (Mi6) with minimum aid of the French Government my quest is to find out the opinions and views of others.

Here are some of my questions that I can't find answers for

  • It took almost 1 hour to transport Lady Diana to the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, when its only a 3 minuet drive from the crash scene why is this?
  • Lady Diana had appeared to of undergone an embarnment before the official autopsy was preformed why?
  • why was the driver for Al Fayed and Diana changed minuets before leaving the Ritz ?
  • Why where all the Press made to sign the British Secrets Act and still unable to discuss the events of this night still to this day ?

I may have missed a couple of points out this is only because i wish to hear the views and points from others just like in my last topic 9/11.

I hope this topic is as popular as the previous and may i just remind everyone this is an opinionated discussion so no one is either right or wrong, please respect each others thoughts and reply with care.

Here is to a lively and con-traversal debate.




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Pokerboy strikes again with a Royal Flush

I'm not a supporter of royalism and billionaire bling in high places and though the arranged marriage between Charles and Diana was clearly flawed I find that some of the opinions aired by Charles are quite respectable. As for Princess Diana I was most impressed by her stance on landmines (no pun intended). I remember where I was in Mousehole when the news of her tragic death was announced as I remember where I was in Liverpool when the murder of JFK was reported. Looks like we've got a rabbit hole here so I'm looking forward to watch this thread unwind. Here's something to contemplate, in a murder investigation, motive comes high on the list so you may wonder what kind of motive would explain 911 being an inside job and likewise what motive would be behind ridding the world of such an angel as Princess Diana.
Diana Princess Of Wales - Diana Embalming To Hide Pregnancy - Contactmusic News


Well what can I say....
Princess Lady Diana was, so most definatley a VERY well respected Lady (In my view) in everything that she took her hand to...she had inspired so many people, she loved what she was doing in respect of her so many charities, and enjoyed meeting so many children and adults along the way within her duties as a Royalist, but she was also a loving mum to two children, Harry & William who shouldn't of lost thier mother so tragically.

I remember watching the news as it unfolded in utter disbelief! way....(I remembered saying outloud)

As for your questions Pokerboy, they are indeed very good questions (as always) and I cannot answer them at this time, but I do remember not long after the announcement of her tragic death that Lady Diana's Brother, Earl Spencer was so determined to get to the truth, as so was Mohamed Al-Fayed, but as time has passed,....many questions have been left unanswered.

This is a very difficult thread to talk about, as it still brings tears to my eyes (even after this amount of time!), and is a very emotional topic to disscuss, so I for one will be watching this with interest....

And I have always loved the song by Sir Elton John "Your candle's burned out long before your legend ever will" these are words from a song called "Candle in the wind" which is a song by Elton John and lyrics by Bernie taupin, it was originally written in 1973, in honour of Marilyn Monroe who had died 11 years earlier, which Sir Elton john later adapted for the Late Princess Lady


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Thank you for the replies and once again iBrowze your link is resourceful and enlightening at the same time please do keep them coming.
I haven't had much time to prepare my thoughts totally on this topic as I've been buried in Uni work and various other tasks this past couple of weeks, but hopefully by the beginning of the week I'll input my links and thoughts more clearly for everyone to investigate and conclude upon.

Sparky your post was very heart warming and reflects the very sensitivity I'm hoping wont be damaged in this topic, its thoughts like these which can not be soulfully explained with words alone and should be treasured for ever. I am aware this topic will bring some upset amongst you all by touching on memories which should really be left as we remember them in the past, but the're are some questions about Lady Diana's death which don't add up in my eyes.

Hope you all have a good bank Holiday weekend what ever it is you have planned.


Thankyou for your kind response Pokerboy,( and this will be a very difficult thread to post on, by anyone) but I do hope that you will have some responses to this thread, in time,...
I will come up with some questions of my own, or even possible (my own opinion) answers to some of your questions),
but it won't be soon.....
so hope you have plenty of time...
Sparky xx


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Tragic accident ?

I'd like to draw your attention to the following link which cleverly points out the resemblance of the untimely death of Princess Diana to assassination events of the past. Unless you're brainwashed with preconceptions dished out by the corporate media which most people actually pay for then you'll find the points that the presenter makes to be quite fascinating and not beyond the realms of possibility.
YouTube - princess diana assassination part1


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Possible motives

I've watched the 'Lady Die' presentations from the DVD of the same name and frankly wasn't entirely convinced though it does make some pertinent observations particularly the reference to the 'Boston Brakes' method of assassination.
It seems that more attention was paid to testing the driver Henri Paul's body to determine dangerous intoxication levels than was given to rushing Diana's body the 4 miles to the hospital which took over an hour and then there's the illegal embalming of her body which took place prior to the official post mortem which raises some unpleasant issues.
I think it's important to establish motivation for any crime to help understand the whole situation. For anyone who wishes to consider the various possible motives here's a fascinating and informative link:
Diana Speaks--Motives for Murder


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Very interesting reading. Thanks for the link Ibrowze ::6:
I very much doubt that many people of the time suspected anything other than foul play when it was revealed how Diana died. I personally have never believed the official version because it lacked fact and substance. Far too many parts of the investigation were not completed to criminal investigation standards and there are more unanswered questions than you can shake a stick at.
I remember the day of her funeral. I was working in St Ives. traditionally the business owners have to push their staff very hard to make enough money over the 6 weeks in summer to survive the huge business tax and rent bills faced in the winter months. Despite this every shop (without exception) closed in respect for Diana Spencer. It was deeply moving them and still is.
Will we ever get to the bottom of this? I doubt it.
The articles posted here reflect about 75% of what I already thought..... MURDERED!


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First of all, I certainly respect all the views expressed above and am simply trying to show how I feel. I have asked myself several questions and this is what comes out of them for me. I do not wish to offend anybody whose views differ.

From a personal angle, I recall the introduction to the public of Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s romance and thought, “She looks quite a pretty girl and apparently down-to-earth” but have to say that purely at a physical level, Princess Diana never bowled me over personally, particularly as she was about 3 inches taller than me and peeped up, as though shyly, from a lowered head. However, I did think she had lovely eyes, albeit a less than perfect nose, and that she made a beautiful bride but, as I never met her face-to-face, that was bound to be a very superficial pre-judgment. I say all this because for some, it seems to me that it was her regal status and looks which turned her into a fairy-tale princess and dazzled people to the point of blindness. From the point of view of Diana as a figurehead for the nation, it was good for people to feel proud of the wife of their heir-apparent to the throne but, forgive me for saying so, the national mourning that followed was disproportionate to her good deeds.

No-one could doubt that Diana’s heart was in the right place and some of her good deeds are legendary. However, she was certainly out of step as a royal and did not fit the bill, having torn up some of the royal protocol and bringing it down to the level of a tabloid fairy story which for me at least, lacked dignity. I am thinking of the television interview where she put the royal family at a severe disadvantage. My instant reaction to her death, however, was one of shock and sorrow. I felt that she was a most unhappy person and that her life had come down to this. My first reaction was not that she had been the victim of a deliberate plot but rather of an accident tied up with her high life and gallivanting with Dodi Fayed (and that other poor type who has since made infamous gain from their liaison) in the wake of an unhappy and unnatural marriage. Not everybody thinks she was a paragon of virtue in her own household but then who is? If you believe marriage is for life, the history of royal infidelities and affairs is obnoxious but neither partner can be totally blameless.

I am willing to agree that she did much by her life and death to de-formalize the stuffy royal family and was a loyal supporter and champion of charities and the campaign against land mines. No doubt, she was a loving mother and a doting one. Nevertheless, one must always remember that her marriage to Charles was arranged for him rather than for her. I feel that Charles has maintained his dignity despite pointed allegations (and no doubt, his own private life has been questionable). He did not pander to the Media and react at least. What did Diana expect from her role as one having married a royal and having committed her life to this? And so, her unrequited love and feelings of insecurity meant she felt like the mal-fitting piece of a jigsaw. Bulimia and anorexia ensued and one can only lament this as one would for anyone. Some of her suffering was the result of her super-star status and of being turned into the so-called ‘clothes horse’. No doubt, Charles too has suffered seriously for his shortcomings.

As to the likelihood of planned assassination, I just would not like to say. Short of being present at the crash scene, the events leading up to it and the presentation of evidence, I simply could not hazard a guess as to the true facts. I am not in a position to judge since I lack the expertise and am reliant on the length findings. For me, to pronounce the verdict that she was murdered is a mere guess. It may be right or it may be wrong. I will say, however, that she would have been well advised to wear a seat belt.

I certainly won’t condemn her or try to assassinate Diana’s character or out of hand commend it because, quite simply, I have never met her for myself as I said before. Anything that one might learn from the mass media is likely to be a distortion of the truth. The Press and Television love to hang out people’s dirty washing to dry and the general populace is only too ready to absorb anything slanderous or shocking as the truth. To see the weeping millions and what seemed to me their hysterical reaction to Princess Diana’s death and to know that hardly any of these people had known her except via the media, rather sickened me.

What was it about Diana’s sad and sudden death that singled her out for this outpouring of grief among those many millions of other unfortunates who have suffered and died? What was it about Diana in particular that wrought such a deep psychological affect? Were people crying for themselves and their own vulnerability in a soulless and cruel world? Personally, I found it very difficult to identify with Diana any more (though no less) than I would with anyone who suffers misfortune or who dies, and I think that may mean most of us. My own sister died aged 62 of cancer within days of both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. No, I feel far sadder and am able to identify far more with those I know who are bereaved. Those who have died have reached a state of eternal peace or oblivion. Those who are left behind have still to suffer from the selfishness that characterises our personal sin or that of others. Fortunately, our earthly lives are like a grain of sand on an eternal beach. I truly believe that nothing can separate us from the eternal love of God. Nevertheless, fear of what this short earthly life in this world and my annihilation (physical death) may throw at me makes it hard for me act on that knowledge.


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Interesting reading TPP. I'm glad you shared it with us. I think you have struck a common denominator with the press and media. It is in their interest to find and sell stories true or not.
Diana knew very well how to manipulate and control the press and I believe that she was masterful at it.
Looking back I wondered about mood of the nation at the time of Diana's death. I can't help thinking that we saw her as a fairytale princess... and our fairytale had just ended.


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Well firstly my apologies for not replying to any of the replies within this topic since before the last meeting, I have been very busy with Uni work and interviews in London.
I’ve spent the past few weeks reviewing archived footage of Lady Diana and the work she was world famous for doing, I never really had the chance to know her for the things she was so committed to doing so I felt this was the best possible way to build up a dynamic profile of her attitude and lifestyle.

I have found lots of interesting bits of information which is not included in the official inquest or of that in the public domain.
I want to take you back to that night of August 31st now in official documents it appears that the press where to blame because of their continued chase and flashing photography which ultimately caused the lethal crash which killed Lady Diana along with the discovery that Henry Paul was drunk at the wheel.
Here are a few facts which have no official answers; British Press offices around the UK had printed headlines of “Drink Drive limit and Drugs caused Henry Paul to crash” less than 24 hours after the event took place. The post-mortem and coroner report show that tests were not carried out until some 72 hours after the 3 deaths, so how did the press know such precise information before an autopsy/post-mortem was even conducted?
An independent autopsy was requested by Henry Paul’s family a right every European, British and American citizen has, this was an official governing body signed document but both the UK and French Secret services refused without giving specific information as to why, the 2nd autopsy has never been performed.
Now let me take you to the 5th September 1997 where a press conference was held for the UK investigation into the death of Lady Diana.
The Times Newspaper printed this headline “Henry Paul did not appear out of control nor drunk as a pig”

the two bodyguards who were assigned duties at the Ritz along with Henry Paul swear in the court of law and under oath that Henry Paul was not drunk, and even if he was they had the right as protection to Diana and Dodiy to remove Henry Paul from duty. “It’s our job to protect” said one of the officers.
3 days before the crash Henry Paul passed a series of physical examinations to renew his pilot’s license, the results did not indicate that he was a heavy drinker or a drug user.
Henry Paul’s official autopsy revealed mysteriously, a very high level of carbon monoxide, over 20% in his blood. Any level over 24% in the blood will cause limb failure and extreme physical pain resulting in the person effectively becoming incapable of talking, walking writing etc.

The official story is the carbon monoxide must have been inhaled by Henry Paul upon impact through the airbags within the car, Mercedes Benz have confirmed that there is no trace of carbon monoxide within their air bags a spokesman said “our airbags are designed to save life’s not take them”. Henry Paul died instantly its clear from the speed, angle and force that he stood no chance when the car hit the pillar, the blood tests from Dodiy confirms no carbon monoxide was present in his body, so the statement from the French police and investigating teams informing the public the carbon monoxide found in Henry Paul was from the car’s airbag was false.

okay moving into a little background surrounding this particular night, 15 bodies where in the local city morgue that night, the French government still to this day has not released any information about any of those bodies, stopping the conformation or investigation into finding out whether the blood taken from Henri Paul was actually his and not someone else’s.

Starting from the Ritz, which incidentally is next to, the ministry of defence (MOD) all 11 cameras on that fateful rout where out of service due to technical faults, remember that white Fiat Uno car that was spotted in the tunnel that the French police denied existed, well it was the British police and Al-Fayed’s security that found and traced the Fiat Uno car which was traced back to a photographer called James Anderson.

So I hear what’s James Anderson have to do with Lady Diana well James Anderson was at the time being investigated by the French special branch for various strange occurrences, they were concerned of his involvement in many similar crashes/deaths because he had a strange habit of being present when people either committed suicide or where murdered, he was usually the last person to see them or photograph them. He started to boast that he was there on August 31st at 00:30 when Lady Diana and Dodiy Al-fayed had died claiming he knew things other people did not know and he could tell a real story if he wanted too.
James Anderson was found dead less than 24 hours after he made these remarks his body was discovered 250 miles away (in a military only zone) within a burnt out car, the French police concluded it was suicide, even though the car was found with all the doors locked and no keys anywhere to be found., his body was only identifiable by dental records.

Is this suicide? Because it’s not a suicide known to this world if it is, more like an assignation or murder?

I have gone on a little once again and just to conclude I found this piece of information which caught my eye, sorry for the spelling errors in the name.
Richard Tomlinson
Former British MI5 Intelligence Officer,
Quoted from official interview footage.
“I’ve seen plans to assassinate soviet Leader, (somadam malosidich) virtually identical to what happened in the Paris tunnel. It proposed using a powerful laser strobe to disorientate malosichich’s driver as he went into a road tunnel in Geneva (Switzerland). A tunnel is a perfect place for an assassination because there are fewer witnesses; the Paris tunnel is also idea because there are no crash barriers along the central pillars so it’s a death trap”.

I have a lot more information to go through and read still but in my initial insight the water on this subject is not as clear or clean as many think, I will commit to following up on replies shortly and i once again look forward to any further responses or input from you all.


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Just Goes To Show You Can't Believe What The Papers Say

Thanks for that remarkable post, Jason. You've done a great job establishing circumstances and I'm looking forward to see if you've got any more information as to motivation for murder. I was most impressed as to the press printing details of Henri Paul's body after the crash even though the post mortem hadn't yet been done. Just like the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11, 20 minutes before it actually was demolished! It's clear that the corporate global media get the scripts in advance of such shattering events.


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Thanks for your comments ibrowze and your right about the world press printing/showing stuff before its actually been done or acknowledge formally, its all very disturbing if you ask me. I'm continuing with my research into the motive for murder I know believe this is the case as many people suspect, but I would like to conclude with some more interesting findings all of which add up to a bigger picture both before and after the event.
I'm not sure if anyone has been made aware but this Topic has been linked backed to several websites in accordance to Lady Diana and one in particular is a very large and very respected conspiracy website called pay this website a visit it makes good reading.

I'm already surprised about the amazing volume of hits and link backs the Conspiracy Theory Files section on Picture Penzance has generated, and i am looking forward to building this section into the fabric of the forums as a static area rather than just a pilot project as it was first going to be. please continue with your support and feedback in this discussion any opinion is welcomed and any evidence or findings are gratefully received.
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