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  • Phil
    Why no photos of the 1st Penzance Scout Troop? Did we not have cameras in those days? Only been accessing the site since the beginning of January and take great interest in all the photos many of which bring back memories. Might meet up one day.
    Long Rock Boy (Cllive Reynolds)
    Many thanks Phil for your kind comments.
    Yes,I certainly enjoy viewing your photographs... your camera always at the ready.St Just-in- Penwith is an area that appeals!,amongst others.
    Vanessa(alias R-B)
    Oops,some confusion.(on my part I'm sure)
    Quite by surprise,I read a notification at the top of the page for an incoming friends request.Your name appeared when I followed through...and I accepted,with delight.

    Although I do not live in Cornwall..I have taken a great deal of interest in your superb my relatives lived in Cornwall for many years.
    I very much appreciate your welcome and some of your pictures I have stored in my favourites!

    My plan is to move to West Cornwall in the future...with so many wonderful places for choice.

    All the best,Rodway-Barnes.
    Hi looking at your Ritz replies. I feel that I know you. Our paths must have crossed. I was always known as Smithy ( Ian ). You must have been around in the early days of John the Fish. I used sing with the Penwithian Male voice Choir. Also had connections with a couple of groups as you can see from the Ritz thread I live in Sydney now. I'd love to get back for a holiday. Thanks for your info.

    Cheers Ian........
    as far as I know the second locomotive was called oliver cromwell, dont no anything about steam trains or the occassion as our daughter was in truro and was told it was heading for penzance. I dare say the cornishman will have more information on thursday. thank you for your comments. happy easter to you all.
    john and sandra.
    No problems, glad that you both have enjoyed the pictures. I tend to climb to some awkward places to get certain pictures. For example, the great rock Skaros was a challenge, but necessary to get many views. I also like going down into the Fira pumice quarry, fascinating enough in itself. Most cruise ships are easy enough to see, but not the best views. One day there will be an almighty splash and Nea Kameni will be lost forever as yours truly goes for that extra difficult shot.
    All the best, Raymond
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