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  • Hi
    my name is Barrie Mellor and I am trying to find information about Albert Mellor, who I think is a distant relative.
    I found a thread on the forum some time ago where Albert's name came up - it seems he lived in Penzance and was noted for carrying a rabbit...or a monkey?

    I wonder if you knew Albert, and if so, know anything about his background? Our family came from Leeds, but Albert disappeared sometime in the 1920's and he remained a mystery until a recent search lead to Penzance.


    Hi, I know who the girls are in the "who are they" photo, "put life into the old man give him nightnurse" but ive just registered and been givenm a gallery message saying that i cannot access the photos anymore! to the person who wants to know they can find me on facebook!
    Hi Steff again,
    Just watching something on the TV for a spell, okay? No rush at all. I can put them up another time. Perhaps there's some silly little glitch. No worries!
    sorry i havent been in contact but ive been on other things, however im just about to go back on ritz duty, we are going to open up hopefully before christmas and have to get the building up and running and serving the comunity. One mad idea i had was to do one afternoon a week doing retro bingo, do you think it would work, would you be interested in putting it together?
    The other thing we are doing is having a hallowen weekend to raise money to rebuild the ladies loos which has to be soughted out before we open, ive put up a facebook page for it Login | Facebook
    need as many people to become friends as possible any help there would be handy, think about the retro bingo, just might work, yrs tom
    thought id tell you that the courier came today and took all the debt related stuff.

    hope your foot isnt too messy :(
    Hi, Am at work and stumbled on this site whilst longing for Cornwall. Living up in Sweden since 81.
    Hi. Could you please help!
    I'm trying to get on to the mystery picture game but dont know how?
    I have registered but what do I do next?

    i used to live in penzance and was born there i lived in rosevean terrace and moved to plymouth in the mid 70's
    hi you seem to know quite a few of the old school people in penzance from the early 60's do you live in penzance
    Hi, please make contact with me at
    Address edited by admin as soon as possible regarding something of
    concern..regards,Harry Welby
    hi i have been thinking about the ideas bit & it seems that quite a few people would like to get theire art seen more. the exchange may be open to the idea of an exhibition. also is there a page where you can buy photos of the posts? this may be benifitial to the site by charging a small % fee for each print
    Hi Steff,

    You might like to check out my post on the harbour forum. Disturbing decisions from up country.

    Steph, ask Tracey to post her Lara Croft comment on mystery pics and not my gallery. I can award the points then.
    I like the new home page. Once you have explored around and clicked the options. Very neat and tidy
    I sent that on Tuesday when I couldn't see the shout box! I posted it here because I got frustrated trying to get to a page where I could PM you and failing! Could you possibly make it easier for people to PM you and the other admins? Individual links to admins under contact us or something like that. I think it would help making the site more accessible to newbies. (And me!)
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